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CS Engine Test


With CS Engine Test, you can now detect combustion chamber leaks with 100% accuracy. You can buy our test kit, which is made in Turkey with 100% domestic capital, and which is very simple to apply, from sales platforms such as HepsiBurada.com, Gittigidiyor, n11.com, Trendyol.com, Amazon.com.tr and our web page with the option to pay at the door or from over 300 superior auto expertise locations available across the country.


With CS Engine Test, it is now very easy to be sure of your vehicle or the vehicle you want to buy. With a 10-minute test that everyone can easily apply, you can know for sure whether there is a Cylinder Head Gasket, Engine Block, Cylinder Head crack or leak in the engine of the vehicle.

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The CS Engine Head Gasket Leak Tester is very easy to use:

1) When your vehicle’s engine is either cold or warm, place our test in the engine’s reserve water tank, keeping the handle on the outside.

2) Seal the cap slowly to prevent the handle from breaking.

3) Start your vehicle at the idle position until it reaches normal running temperature (heat panel to show the middle line).

4) After this moment, complete the test process in 10 minutes either while driving your vehicle or running it idle. In vehicles with diesel engines, it is recommended to perform the test while driving, since the engine warms up slowly.

5) Stop the engine. If you have tested while driving and the engine is extremely hot, wait for a while for the engine to cool down, then open the water tank cap and remove the test. The CS Engine Head Gasket Test Kit should be hot when you remove it for accurate results. This indicates that the engine water circulates and travels in the reserve water container.

6)Allow the test to cool down by holding it under cold water or waiting for a while. No change in colour indicates that the combustion chamber of your vehicle’s engine is healthy and leak-free. Light orange means a low-level leakage, dark orange means a moderate-level leakage, red means a high-level leakage, and pink means a very high-level leakage.  

If the engine is extremely hot, open the radiator or reserve engine water tank cap by slowly pressurizing it after the engine has cooled down for a while. Hot water under pressure can give damage to your hands or your face. Please be careful…